Premiere Screening: Sunday, Feb 1 @ 1:20pm

Nico is a 26-year- old misfit. When 8-year-old spunky Franny finds him in her mother’s bed, their relationship kicks off to a bad start. While Nico tries to establish a relationship with Franny’s mother, Franny becomes stuck between her mother, her jealous father and Nico, now appointed babysitter. Will Nico manage to win Franny’s heart, and be able to build a relationship with Franny’s mom? How do these two characters find their common ground in the bustling heart of the city of Tel-aviv? During this wonderful journey, Nico and franny will learn to love and hate each other, mostly in the same frame. A sweet drama about love/hate relationship.

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Additional Screening:

Sun 1-Feb 1:20 PM – Metro 4 Theatre 2
Mon 2-Feb 4:20 PM – Metro 4 Theatre 2
Wed 4-Feb 1:00 PM – Metro 4 Theatre 1

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