2016 True/False Film Festival



“My love for True/False runs deep – from the smart programming, passionate audiences, inspired buskers, and fabulous venues.” – Laura Poitras

“True/False is nirvana. When I went to True/False, I remembered what I sometimes forget: the unalloyed joy of making and watching docs.” – Alex Gibney

“In just nine years, True/False has become not only the premier documentary showcase in America but the most purely enjoyable film event in the world.” – Joe Williams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The 2016 True/False Film Festival marks it’s 13th installment on March 3rd – March 6th. A four-day celebration of nonfiction filmmaking and filmgoing, in which filmmakers, artists, musicians and others remake the mid-sized college town of Columbia, Missouri into a one-of-a-kind utopia. The transformative, rambunctious, ecstatic experience of T/F creates a cathartic journey that forces participants to do nothing less than to re-imagine reality.

Originally founded by festival organizers David Wilson and Paul Sturtz in 2004 to celebrate that year’s new wave of exciting and cinematic documentaries, the festival has grown tenfold into the most beloved showcase for nonfiction cinema in the world, welcoming practically every major documentary filmmaker into its doors. a.com**

This Year’s Festival
For the 13th installment of the True/False Film Fest, we’re leaving the comfort of the well-trod path and heading Off the Trail. This year, we’re surrounding ourselves with the inspiration of secret missions, treasure maps, personal geographies, and the virtue of being lost. Through our films, music, conversations, art, and design, come explore with us a variety of special, hidden, and sacred places, both real and constructed.

Several films are celebrating their debuts at True/False. The Pearl takes a sensitive look at gender through the eyes of four middle-aged trans women. The Prison In Twelve Landscapes is an impressionistic essay film about the prison-industrial complex. In Peter and the Farm, we unearth a rural tragedy in Vermont.

2016 also brings a marked increase in international titles, including films from China, Iran, Iraq, Australia, Argentina, and the Philippines. Discoveries include Those Who Jump, a landmark collaboration between two German filmmakersand first-time co-director Abou Bakara Sidibé about migrants seeking to scale the fences that separate Africa from Europe. Thy Father’s Chair is set in a transcendently messy Brooklyn apartment. From Argentina comes the intimate family story Nosotras·Ellas. Other films include Behemoth, a staggering journey through Inner Mongolia’s ravaged grasslands; Another Country (Australia), a guided tour of the outback; Between Sisters (Italy),in which a long-buried family secret is excavated; Helmut Berger, Actor about an uneasy relationship between subject and filmmaker and Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John (Canada),which seeks to locate a father who abandoned his family.

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