2017 Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF) Opening Night Remarks & Q&A (Italian & English)

  1. ICFF Artistic Director Cristiano De Florentiis On Canada 150 & From Bella To Beautiful Program
  2. ICFF President Paul Golini Opening Night Remarks
  3. Italian Ambassador Gian Lorenzo Cornado ICFF Opening Night Remarks
  4. Leo Gullotta Remarks @ ICFF Opening Night (English Translation)
  5. Paola Cortellesi @ ICFF Opening Night (English & Italian)
  6. Paola Cortellesi Receives Award From The ICFF On Opening Night
  7. Paola Cortellesi & ICFF Message From Prime Minister Justin Trudeau On Opening Night
  8. Paola Cortellesi On The Creation of the Storyline of the Opening Night Film @ ICFF Opening Night (Italian with English Translation)
  9. Paola Cortellesi Gives Us a Hint of Her Beautiful @ ICFF Opening Night (Italian)
  10. Absolute Proof of Paola Cortellesi Beautiful Voice As She Sings A Song @ ICFF Opening Night (Italian)

The ICFF opens with the film Qualcosa di Nuovo (Something New) starring Paola Cortellesi who was in attendance to introduce film as well as for a Q&A after the film.

Before the screening Cristiano De Florentiis (ICFF Artistic Director), Paul Golini (ICFF President), Gian Lorenzo Cornado (Italian Ambassador in Canada) as well as actors Paola Cortellesi & Leo Gullotta gave there opening remarks to the audience. Their was even some video remarks from the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the festival and Paolo Cortellesi, herself.

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