4th Annual Niagara Integrated Film Festival Partners w/ the ICFF

  1. President Sari Ruda & CEO Bill Marshall of the Niagara Integrated Film Festival on Working with the ICFF

As part of its 2016 festival line-up the Niagara Integrated Film Festival (NIFF) is delighted to announce the presentation of a co-produced ‘Spotlight on Italy’ program, in partnership with the Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF). This program will highlight the best feature and short content from this year’s ICFF, carefully curated with NIFF’s Niagara audience in mind, and was made possible by the collaborative efforts of Cristiano de Florentiis, Creative Director ICFF, Bill Marshall, Founder and Creative Director NIFF, and Tony Watts, Program Director NIFF.

This joint program will open with the North American Premiere of the Italian box-office record-breaking Quo Vado? to be followed by a Q&A with the film’s lead actor and co-writer, the multi-talented, Checco Zalone. Also being showcased as part of the ‘Spotlight on Italy’ program are the International Premiere of La Stoffa dei Sogni (The Stuff of Dreams), a modern-day retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and a standalone Italian short film presentation. The program’s centrepiece is an outdoor screening of the Sarah Jessica Parker comedy, All Roads Lead to Rome, to be held at Trius Winery on the evening of June 18th in the Niagara Region, and features co-stars Claudia Cardinale and Raoul Bova as special guests.

Please visit the Niagara Integrated Film Festival Website for more info on the festival.

– Originally Posted June 1, 2016

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