Allied Vaughn Launches Digital Distribution Service

New digital service will allow customers around the world to access many never-before-on-digital movies and TV shows on more than 50 major and emerging digital platforms. This expanding library will now be available through major digital platforms like Amazon Video, ITunes, and Hulu, as well as through proprietary OTT Roku channels and international platforms.


Minneapolis–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Allied Vaughn announced the launch of a new digital service to publish up to 10,000 of its growing library of movie and TV shows through an increasing number of digital platforms around the world, providing customers with unprecedented access to never-before-released-on-digital titles.

The service will give content owners and creators access to over 50 digital platforms including Amazon Video and Amazon Prime, ITunes, Hulu, Vimeo On Demand, Hoopla and many international platforms including China Mobile, PantaFlix and IFlix, as well as device specific platforms like new Roku OTT channels. Consumers will be able to watch and own titles in any number of methods – including download to own, download to rent, subscription video on demand and free, ad supported video on demand. Moreover, they will be able to watch titles on their favorite devices including Android and iOS phones, tablets, Roku devices and smart TVs.

“We are excited to announce that starting today, fans around the world have access to 1000’s of new movies and TV shows though their favorite digital platforms – and a growing number of new ways to watch,” said Doug Olzenak, President, Allied Vaughn. “Our vast library of hard-to-find titles will finally be available to own, rent and stream digitally”.

Please visit Allied Vaughn Digital Distribution Program for more info.

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