Hot Docs & Netflix Announce New Hot Docs Canadian Storytellers Project

Hot Docs & Netflix Announce New Hot Docs Canadian Storytellers Project

TORONTO – Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and Netflix are pleased to announce the Hot Docs Canadian Storytellers Project, a new five-year initiative that invests in core funding and professional development programs for Canadian filmmakers. In recognition of the systemic barriers that continue to exist within the documentary film industry, the Project will serve […]

Ina Fichman Named Recipient Of The 2018 Don Haig Award

Ina Fichman Named Recipient Of The 2018 Don Haig Award

TORONTO – Hot Docs is pleased to announce that Montreal-based producer Ina Fichman has been named this year’s recipient of the Don Haig Award. The Award, now in its thirteenth year, is presented by the Hot Docs Board of Directors to an outstanding Canadian independent producer, and is selected by a jury of independent producers. […]

Hot Docs 18 – BACHMAN

Screenings – Thurs, May 3rd @ 3:15pm & Fri, May 4th @ 6:30pm From sold-out stadiums to a cameo on The Simpsons, Randy Bachman reached rock royalty status decades ago. Now in his 70s, he’s still takin’ care of business: performing live, working with young artists and hosting a national radio show featuring the musicians […]


Screenings – Friday, May 4th @ 10:30am; Saturday, May 5th @ 3:15pm Are you ready for the future? Artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid pace, stealthily working its way into every industry. From robot surgeons to elaborate works of art, AI has the potential to replace one-third of all jobs by 2030. In the […]

Hot Docs 18 – PLAYING HARD

Screenings – Thursday, May 3rd @ 2:45pm; Friday, May 4th @ 8:15pm Video games have overtaken Hollywood as the biggest entertainment industry in the world. With thousands of jobs and millions of dollars at stake, developing a new game is risky. For Honor is the passion project of Jason Vandenberghe, a gentle giant whose adventure […]

Hot Docs 18 – THE CLEANERS

Friday, May 4th – 9pm @ The Revue Cinema The images and content on social media are censored based on more relative decisions than one may think. Who is behind what is considered “inappropriate”? Silicon Valley outsources hundreds of anonymous “digital janitors” in Manila who screen tens of thousands of posts while using their often […]


Screening – Monday, Apr 30th @ 6:15pm; Wednesday, May 2nd @ 3:30pm; Friday, May 4th @ 11:45am At once alluring and intimidating, the Coast Mountains have served as a muse for artists and explorers for centuries. The stories of unique individuals who have devoted their lives to British Columbia’s rugged terrain elevate Grant Baldwin’s film […]

Hot Docs 18 – The Oslo Diaries

Screenings – Tues, May 1st @ 9pm, Wed, May 2nd @ 12:30pm Once upon a time, there was a moment of hope in the Middle East peace process. In 1992, just as Israeli-Palestinian relations were at an all-time low, the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Israeli government took an unprecedented step: They set up secret […]


Screenings – Mon, Apr 30th @ 8:45pm, Wed, May 2nd @ 2:45pm When a Swedish “power manager” is hired to haul what was once the biggest Lada car factory in the former Soviet Union back into the black, he inherits a backwards business model and a work culture not quite of the 21st century. Filmmaker […]

Hot Docs 18 – NETIZENS

Screening – Sunday, April 29th @ 6:30pm As the online world becomes a hub for harassment, meet the women confronting digital abuse head-on. Anita Sarkeesian, founder of Feminist Frequency, and Carrie Goldberg, victims’ rights attorney, join director Cynthia Lowen for a bold discussion about taking back the internet. Hosted by Steph Guthrie. Featuring director Cynthia […]