Waiting for Superman

<em> Waiting for Superman </em>

Those Who Can by Tobi Gordon for FILMbutton It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the new film documentary, Waiting for Superman lays most of the blame for the current crisis in education at the feet of teachers and their horrible unions. According to filmmaker Davis Guggenheim (whose own offspring, he confides, are safely ensconced in private […]

The Human Resources Manager

<em> The Human Resources Manager </em>

by Tobi Gordon for FILMbutton For many in the Diaspora, especially at this time of year. “Next year, in Jerusalem” is the prayer which has called a wandering, exiled people back home for centuries. In Eran Riklis’s new film, best known for The Syrian Bride & Lemon Tree, there’s another saying, however, that seems to […]

The King’s Speech

by Tobi Gordon for FILMbutton Pomp and Circumstances – The King’s Speech Who, among us, has not agonized over having to deliver an oral composition in school? Standing up there, in front of the whole class, praying your voice doesn’t betray your nervousness, sweating the sweat of flops, we struggle to get it over with […]

Nuremberg: Its Lesson For Today

<em>Nuremberg: Its Lesson For Today</em>

NUREMBERG: ITS LESSON FOR TODAY (1948) [The 2009 Schulberg/Waletzky Restoration] screening at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival by Tobi Gordon for FILMbutton The documentary film has come a long way since its early days as either an instructional tool or tool of propaganda. The ponderous male voice intoning over scratchy black and white images has […]