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Godard’s Classic ALPHAVILLE @TIFF June 22

In Godard’s futuristic thriller, hard-boiled detective Lemmy Caution (Eddie Constantine) takes the interstellar highway to the dystopian metropolis of Alphaville, which is ruled by a totalitarian scientist and his supercomputer Alpha 60. When Lemmy attempts to rescue one of the tyrant’s robots (Anna Karina), the film turns into a moving allegory about the meaning of […]

THE RIVER @ TIFF Only on June 11th

  Based on the autobiographical novel by Rumer Godden, Renoir’s Technicolor masterpiece centres on three young women growing up at and around a British jute mill on the Ganges: the bookish Harriet (Patricia Walters), the vigorous Valerie (Adrienne Corri), and the troubled Melanie (Radha Burnier), who feels increasingly drawn to her Indian heritage. When the […]

DETOUR @ TIFF May 10 & 19

Edgar J. Ulmer’s Detour has been called his Citizen Kane! Newly restored after circulating for decades in poor, public-domain prints, Edgar G. Ulmer’s off-the-wall B-movie classic is the ne plus ultra of noir: the protagonist, weak-willed pianist Al Roberts (Tom Neal), is one of the genre’s great, guiltily innocent anti-heroes, and he and hatchet-faced femme […]


Brando Stars in Film Directed by Kazan By A. H. WEILER A small but obviously dedicated group of realists has forged artistry, anger and some horrible truths into “On the Waterfront,” as violent and indelible a film record of man’s inhumanity to man as has come to light this year. And, while the explosive indictment […]


Already locked in as producer and star of this idiosyncratic revenge western, Marlon Brando also took over directorial duties after Stanley Kubrick dropped out, which puts him in the company of Charles Laughton (The Night of the Hunter), Peter Lorre (The Lost One), and Barbara Loden (Wanda) as a celebrated actor who directed one great, […]


Based on Jack Ritchie’s short story “The Green Heart,” Elaine May’s directorial debut is a delightfully batty and sharply hilarious comedy of (attempted) murders. Playing intriguingly against type, Walter Matthau stars as spoiled playboy Henry Graham, who, having depleted his substantial inheritance, reluctantly woos and quickly marries heiress Henrietta Lowell (May), a clumsy and unsophisticated […]