Check Out Renoir’s CANCAN @ TIFF June 20

An eye-popping digital restoration of “the most joyous hymn to the glory of art in the history of cinema” (Andrew Sarris), French Cancan marked Renoir’s return to French cinema after an absence of 15 years, and his joy is palpable: he floods the screen with sumptuous colour and affection for all things Parisian. In this high-kicking account of the founding of the Moulin Rouge, Jean Gabin plays a dance-hall impresario who turns a laundress (Françoise Arnoul) into the star of his new show, a splashy revival of the scandalous dance of the demimonde. Full of backstage stratagems, onstage frivolity, and all-round exhilaration, French Cancan is at once a loving evocation of fin-de-siècle Paris (the world of Renoir’s father, the renowned painter Pierre-Auguste) and a moving meditation on the relationship between art and life. “A delicious musical comedy that deserves comparison with the Golden Age Hollywood musicals of the same period” (Robert Ebert)

Above from the Cancan TIFF Film Page which you can visit to buy tickets or if you like read the full Roger Ebert Review here.

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