Claudio Bisio To Attend ICFF 2018

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ICFF is proud to welcome to Toronto one of the most famous and popular actors in Italy, with his notable professional career and multi-faceted talent. Bisio is highly popular, achieving great success in all his films, TV show and theatrical performances.

As a duo alongside Gabriele Salvatores, they created masterpieces such as Puerto Escondido, Nirvana, Turnè, and Oscar-winner Mediterraneo. His most recent motion pictures include Benvenuti al Sud and Benvenuto Presidente! On stage, he’s performed various works of authors such as Pennac and Baricco. Bisio is also the heart of the smash TV show Zelig. During ICFF 2018, he will present his latest film Gli Sdraiati, directed by Francesca Archibugi.

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