Georgian College Film Summit Oct 17-18 & 24-25



Filmmakers of the world unite. This is your time.

The summit will consist of two weekends of workshops that will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the art of making a film, with the advantage of professional insights from world-class filmmakers, industry professionals and cultural taste-makers like Piers Handling, who are creating the new Canadian cinematic revolution. Register for the full four days or for individual sessions that fit your needs. Create an original film critiqued by industry professionals.

At the Georgian College Filmmakers Summit (GCFS) you’ll be working with award-winning industry professionals such as Alex Shuper, Elan Mastai, Gail Harvey, Geoff Pevere, Michael Dowse, Phillip Daniels, Piers Handling, Shael Stolberg, Wyeth Clarkson and Wayne Clarkson.

The magical world of film is where you unlock your imagination, focus your intense creative energy, and dare to dream for all the world to witness. The raw power of story, whether you are a beginner or master, is still the single-most provocative trigger we have at our fingertips to help define, shape and explore the human experience.

We know that you have that one great story – a killer documentary, a seductive short or a frenetic action-charged feature film – in you that will forever change the world.

For full .pdf brochure or to view Georgian College Filmmakers Summit (GCFS) info and to see if spots are still available please visit links.

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