Godard’s Classic ALPHAVILLE @TIFF June 22

In Godard’s futuristic thriller, hard-boiled detective Lemmy Caution (Eddie Constantine) takes the interstellar highway to the dystopian metropolis of Alphaville, which is ruled by a totalitarian scientist and his supercomputer Alpha 60. When Lemmy attempts to rescue one of the tyrant’s robots (Anna Karina), the film turns into a moving allegory about the meaning of love and freedom. The first French sci-fi film since Chris Marker’s La Jetée and a surprising commercial hit in France, the Orphée– and Metropolis-influenced Alphaville influenced many other directors in turn. (Aki Kaurismäki named his production company Villealfa in homage to Godard’s film.) Godard’s visual design brilliantly found the future in the present: the nocturnal, dehumanized settings were all derived from contemporary Paris, and “Alphaville” quickly entered everyday parlance as a signifier for everything sterile and soulless in modern life. – TIFF Film Page
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