Hot Docs 15 – SUGAR COATED

Saturday, April 25 @ 7pm First Festival Screening


This compelling investigative doc exposes the US sugar industry’s systematic hijacking of scientific study to bury evidence that sugar is, in fact, toxic. For 40 years, Big Sugar deflected threats to its multibillion dollar empire through creative PR and tactics strikingly similar to the way the tobacco industry disguised the fact that its products are addictive and cause fatal illnesses. As obesity rates skyrocket and doctors treat the first generation of children suffering from fatty liver disease, the sugar industry has come under increasing scrutiny from emerging scientific and medical studies. Sugar Coated introduces us to crusaders like pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig, superstar professor from San Francisco who brought down Big Tobacco, Stanton Glantz, and Denver dentist Cristin Kearns, who exposes one sugar company’s playbook to co-opt research and discredit critics. While the industry steps up its advertising spin and lobbying efforts, Sugar Coated warns that we are sitting on a dietary time bomb.

– Lynne Fernie

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