Remaining Screenings: Sat, May 6 @ 10am, Sun, May 7 @ 8:45pm

Rainforests of the sea, coral reefs are home to millions of species, acting as majestic underwater ecosystems vital to oceanic life—and ultimately, human survival. Despite their biodiversity, they remain vulnerable to coral bleaching, a deadly phenomenon caused by the warmer water temperatures of climate change. In this riveting follow-up to the award-winning glacier erosion epic Chasing Ice, director Jeff Orlowski joins a former ad executive, a self-proclaimed “coral nerd” and distinguished marine biologists and camera engineers as they embark on a breathtaking ocean adventure to capture the progressive degradation of mass bleaching events. Through several cameras skillfully submerged across the world’s tropical oceans, the team arduously battles technical challenges to reveal spectacular, irrefutable time-lapse footage of the catastrophic destruction happening underwater. With its impressive balance of artistry, suspense and urgency, Chasing Coral poignantly reveals the imminent ecological dangers threatening the globe. – Shaka Licorish

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