Screening Times: Sat, Apr 29 @ 12:30pm, Fri, May 5 @ 6pm

Mexico’s ongoing drug wars have already claimed the lives of an estimated 100,000 people. If you include victims who are still alive, the number of those affected is closer to 400,000. In one of the most powerful and honest looks at this crisis, this award-winning documentary gives an intimate and quiet space for the living victims—as well as the perpetrators—to tell their stories of loss, fear and, in some cases, barbarity. With masterful artistic direction, director Everardo González conceals his subjects’ identities with chilling faceless masks that bear a resemblance to balaclavas, creating a powerful metaphor for the lack of attention the crisis has received. The storytellers remain faceless, but the depth of emotion emanating from their eyes is a window directly into the soul of the Mexican people and a land ripped apart by catastrophe. – Heather Haynes

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