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In 1992, the pygmy Batwa people of Uganda were forcefully removed from their ancestral homes by the government to protect the habitat of the endangered gorilla population. Left with no compensation or resettlement plans, most Batwa people today live in poverty. They are fast dwindling in numbers. In a perverse twist of fate, many Batwa now make a living guiding tourists along the Batwa Trail, putting on show-and-tell performances of their former way of life for money. To “uplift” his people, 24-year-old Gad Semejeri has formed the Batwa Music Club, singing and dancing the spiritual and traditional music of the Batwa. Told through lush images with beautiful musical numbers, Ghosts of Our Forest is a sensitive portrayal of a people whose physical connection to nature has been forcefully severed but remains alive through song and story. – Aisha Jamal

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– Originally Posted May 4, 2017

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