Hot Docs 17 – RAMEN HEADS

Screening Times: Thu, May 4 @ 5:45pm, Fri, May 5, 10:15am, Sat, May 6 @ 10:45am, Sun, May 7 @ 12pm
(first 3 screenings are Rush Tkts only)

Considered an edible embrace, comforting ephemera and an art form by master chefs and legions of fans, ramen—the perfectly slurpable combination of broth and noodles—inspires umami poetry. Japan’s reigning king of ramen, Osamu Tomita, takes us into his kitchen, where he shares recipes, trade secrets and flavour philosophies. A mouthwatering survey of culinary history, famous restaurants and specialty ingredients, Ramen Heads makes a compelling case for finding Japan’s heart through its stomach. Chef Tomita takes the viewer on a tasting tour that includes visits to his favourite shops (some are even kept anonymous for fear of discovery), long waits in even longer lines and behind-the-scenes access to his restaurant’s 10th anniversary. Together with two other ramen masters, he creates a once-in-a-lifetime batch of ramen he hopes will inspire the next generation. For this event, foodies wait overnight for limited meal tickets. Ramen is a rock star. – Angie Driscoll

Raman Heads Hot Docs Film Page

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