Screening – Monday, Apr 30th @ 6:15pm; Wednesday, May 2nd @ 3:30pm; Friday, May 4th @ 11:45am

At once alluring and intimidating, the Coast Mountains have served as a muse for artists and explorers for centuries. The stories of unique individuals who have devoted their lives to British Columbia’s rugged terrain elevate Grant Baldwin’s film to the next level, while his breathtaking cinematography and brilliant aerial imagery capture the wonder and scale of this magnificent landscape that soars from sea to sky. A daughter and her 60-year-old mother’s arduous 2,300-kilometre trek to Alaska is the thread that binds these intimate portraits together. Moving from nail-biting to inspiring, the story of an avalanche disaster juxtaposed with the devoted residents of a remote monastery illuminates the humanity to be found amidst these geographic giants. As diverse as their backgrounds and motivations are, they are bound by a common passion. They can imagine no other place on Earth to call home. After being immersed in their lives, it’s difficult not to feel the same. – Alexander Rogalski

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There will be a Q&A after the screening May 4th screening.

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