Hot Docs 19 – DRAG KIDS

Screenings: Sun, Apr 28 @ 6:15pm, Tue, Apr 30 @ 1:15pm, Fri, May 3 @ 3:45pm

Preteens Stephan, Jason, Bracken and Nemis are like many kids their age: they like candy, catchy pop tunes and sleepovers. But unlike others, they have an unusual interest in dressing and performing in drag, a passion that leaves them isolated from their peers. With the unflinching support of their parents, the four kids get a chance to meet in preparation for a group performance at Montreal’s Pride celebration. Drag Kids introduces us to four remarkable children who aren’t afraid to hold their own in the adult world of competitive voguing and lip synching. Through a sympathetic lens, the film challenges us to accept the children’s desire for self-expression, performing as their larger-than-life alter egos. ‘Cause baby, they were born this way.

Aisha Jamal

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