Remaining Screenings – Tues, June 19 @ 6:30pm & 7pm, Wed, June 20 @ 9:30pm, Thurs, June 21 @ 1pm

A winter’s night. A car accident caused by heavy fog. There’s a wrecked vehicle, but the driver unharmed – yet the police detain him anyway. Who’s blood is on his car, if there’s not a scratch on him? The driver is a policeman called Vogel, and every time there’s a big news story, his face is sure to appear on TV. He doesn’t have any criminal expertise, he’s not interested in fingerprints or DNA and he doesn’t follow footprints or clues. He uses the media. It’s a story of suffering – and Vogel is the star. In a valley, high up in the Alps, a sixteen-year-old girl has disappeared. She has left no clues behind, not a single trace.

The Girl In The Fog (La ragazza nella nebbia) ICFF Film Page

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