Screenings – Sat, June 16 @ 8pm, Sun, June 17 @ 8:45pm, Mon, June 18 @ 5pm, Wed, June 20 @ 9:30pm, Fri, June 22 @ 5pm

The story unravels on the rolling hills where Prosecco grapes are grown; a winemaker Count, fighting to protect his territory, a stubborn half Italian half Persian police inspector; the manager of a cement plant, killed by three gunshots; and a crazy man who scrapes the rust from the tombs in the cemetery. A story about the inheritance of beauty and the value of quality. In 2010, north-east Italy began to feel a recession which nobody had expected. Only one productive sector resisted: Prosecco. This film forces us to remember that anyone who destroys the land destroys the future for everyone.

The Last Prosecco (Finché c’è prosecco c’è speranza) ICFF Film Page

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