Interview w/ Award Winning Filmmaker Sarah B. Downey

  1. Director Sarah B. Downey Talks About Her New Film TUNNELVISION
  2. Director Sarah B. Downey Talks About Her Film Experience & Working With Actors
  3. Director Sarah B. Downey Talks About Growing Up in Las Vegas
  4. Director Sarah B. Downey Talks About Her Stylistic Choice Of Using Dinner Scenes
  5. Director Sarah B. Downey Talks About Gay Issues, Love & Relationships

Sarah Downey was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. A jill-of-all-trades with a background in ballet, modeling, and music, she has been a model since the age of 7 and worked with agencies in Paris, Prague, and Barcelona.

She spent 17 years as a professional ballerina and was the youngest principal dancer to be accepted to the Nevada Dance Theater in Vegas. At age 14, she was offered admission to the Interlochen Academy of Dance, but instead opted to attend private prep high school and continue dancing in productions. Sarah completed exams with the Royal Acadamy of Dance every year, the largest and most influential ballet company in the world. After sustaining a torn ligament and ankle fracture, she gave her final professional performance in The Nutcracker.

As a junior, Sarah entered the Community College High School as a test student for a new state educational program and graduated in 1998, having completed 42 college credits. She earned her Associate of Fine Arts in 1999 and received awards as the first student in the state of Nevada to complete the accelerated program in such a short timespan.

In 2006, she was offered a temporary 2-month position as a producer’s assistant in LA, moved to the city three days later, and has called it home ever since. The following year, she founded Covet, a musician’s agency specializing in styling and small tours for several local and national acts…(more of IMDB bio)

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