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Review – Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

by James Olsen for FILMbutton Detailing a year in her life, the audience follows Joan Rivers through a tumultuous time in her personal life, a downtime in her popularity as a stand-up comic, and into the stressful times of Celebrity Apprentice and putting on a play in the UK. As a workaholic, Joan is nothing, […]

Review – And Then Came Lola

by James Olsen for Co-Directed by Ellen Seidler and Megan Siler the film is about Lola (Ashleigh Sumner), who has a great job as a photographer and a beautiful girlfriend in Casey (Jill Bennett). She also has the inability to get anywhere on time. One day, Lola is woken from a nap by a […]

Review – Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride

by James Olsen for Starting and ending with Vancouver Pride, the audience is taken on a journey to Zurich for InterPride Conference; and to Warsaw, Sao Paolo, Moscow, and New York for in-depth looks at their Pride parades. The elaborate parties and parades of Vancouver, Sao Paolo, and New York City are a sharp […]

Review – Madchen in Uniform

by James Olsen for This film tells the story of Manuela von Meinhardis (Romy Schneider) who has lost her mother and is sent to a girls’ school run by the strict Sr. Superior (Therese Giehse) who is determined to ensure all the young women in her care learn how to follow orders: “Obedient women […]

Review – Howl

Review – <em>Howl</em>

by James Olsen for FILMbutton In 1956, Allen Ginsberg wrote his poem Howl. In 1957, City Light Books, the company that published it in book form, was taken to court over the perceived indecency of the work. Over the course of 90 minutes, the audience is introduced to the poem in three formats. First, we […]

22 Canadian Premieres at Inside Out LGBT Film & Video Festival

22 Canadian Premieres at Inside Out LGBT Film & Video Festival

This 20th year Festival will be a blockbuster year, with more premieres and guests than ever before. Toronto-based and internationally known Inside Out will have a World Premiere to offer up with La Dany by Toronto brother and sister directors Jim and Julie Giles. Two International Premieres, Prima Donna: The Story of Rufus Wainwright’s Debut […]