4k Restoration!

Brando Stars in Film Directed by Kazan


A small but obviously dedicated group of realists has forged artistry, anger and some horrible truths into “On the Waterfront,” as violent and indelible a film record of man’s inhumanity to man as has come to light this year. And, while the explosive indictment of the vultures and the meek prey of the docksides, which was unveiled at the Astor yesterday, occasionally is only surface dramatization and an oversimplification of the personalities and evils of our waterfront, it is, nevertheless, an uncommonly powerful, exciting and imaginative use of the screen by gifted professionals.

Although journalism and television already have made the brutal feudalism of the wharves a part of current history, “On the Waterfront” adds a graphic dimension to these sordid pages. Credit for this achievement cannot be relegated to a specific few. Scenarist Budd Schulberg, who, since 1949, has lived with the story stemming from Malcolm Johnson’s crusading newspaper articles; director Elia Kazan; the principals headed by Marlon Brando; producer Sam Spiegel; Columbia, which is presenting this independently made production; Leonard Bernstein, who herein is making his debut as a movie composer, and Boris Kaufman, the cinematographer, convincingly have illustrated the murder and mayhem of the waterfront’s sleazy jungles…more of the original NY Times Review

The 4k Restoration of the classic masterpiece On The Waterfront will screen at the TIFF Bell Lightbox on Saturday, April 13th @ 1:15pm. Enjoy!

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