Oscar Winner Barry Jenkins Short + Classic Feature Combo June 25th

On Criterion Channel June 25

Barry Jenkins and Stephen Frears explore the experiences of immigrants in these dreamy romances set in laundromats. Jenkins’s first short, My Josephine, deploys a stylized color palette and elegant camera movement to build an atmospheric mood piece around the nightly routine of a lovestruck Arab laundromat worker who washes American flags for free. Made while Jenkins was in film school, in the aftermath of 9/11, this beautiful love story is accompanied here by a new intro by the director. Written by Hanif Kureishi, Frears’s My Beautiful Laundrette lays bare the social fissures of Margaret Thatcher’s England, telling the story of a young Pakistani man (Gordon Warnecke) in South London attempting to open a high-end laundromat with the help of his skinhead lover (Daniel Day-Lewis).
Featuring an introduction by My Josephine director Barry Jenkins

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