Renoir’s Comedy LA CHIENNE @ TIFF June 15

“Not only one of Renoir’s great films, it’s one of the greatest film comedies ever made” (The New York Times). In this savage satire of bourgeois respectability (which was later remade by Fritz Lang asScarlet Street), Michel Simon plays a meek cashier whose only pleasure is his Sunday outings to paint en plein air. Married to a woman who makes life a misery, the mild-mannered clerk meets a young temptress called Lulu (Janie Marèse), and soon risks losing everything — job, marriage, reputation — in pursuit of her; larceny and murder inevitably ensue. Renoir and his producer encouraged an on-set affair between Marèse and the neophyte Georges Flamant, who plays Lulu’s pimp, to give the film an extra erotic charge. The result was fatal: the 23-year-old Marèse died in a car accident after the film was finished, with her new lover, Flamant, at the wheel.

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