Rick ‘Trick’ Howland Of LOST GIRL Series Interview

Rick Howland Discusses His Role As TRICK on LOST GIRL

  1. Rick Howland Who Plays TRICK on LOST GIRL Interview
  2. How Rick Howland Got The Roll Of TRICK In LOST GIRL
  3. One of Rick Howland’s Favouite Memory On LOST GIRL
  4. Rick Howland Talks About Working With The Cast Of LOST GIRL
  5. Rick Howland Talks About Working With Ksenia Solo on LOST GIRL
  6. Rick Howland Talks About the Possibility of TRICK Getting a Love Interest on LOST GIRL

Canadian Premiere of Lost Girl second half of season 5 will air on Showcase starting Sunday, September 6, 2015.

Interview w/ Rick Howland by Shael Stolberg of FILMbutton took place via phone on Friday, September 4, 2015.The first track is made up of all the below tracks combined.

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