RWM 15 – Eight

First Screening – Tuesday, November 10th – 9pm @ TIFF

As it does for most people, Sarah’s day begins with the sound of the bedside alarm. But that’s where the similarity ends. For Sarah (Libby Munro), the beginning of the day marks the start of another ordeal, wherein no task is easy, time trickles by in oppressive minutes and panic presses down on every action and thought. Sarah suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and Peter Blackburn’s extraordinary Eight – a remarkable expression of both filmmaking style and humane empathy – will allow us to experience the world from Sarah’s point of view. But because it puts us inside Sarah’s experience of starting the day, Eight is not an easy film to watch. Unflinching and innovative, unfolding in a single take for its entire running time, this is a movie that insists you can’t know what it’s like unless you’ve felt it.

Filmmaker Peter Blackburn will Skype in after the screening to participate in a Q&A & discussion of the film.

– Rendezvous With Madness Film Page

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