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“My tongue just threw a party for my mouth.”
— Mel Brooks​

Mouthwatering. Delicious. The perfect pickle. Close your eyes. Taste it on your tongue. Feel the pleasure of the crunch as you bite down. A special blend of spices fills your mouth with joy. You reach for your pastrami sandwich having arrived in heaven. This is Irv’s Deli where​ Rose’s ​famed ​ prized pickles are her legacy. Rose has never shared her treasure and vows she never will. But never say never…

Jon Dore, Lynn Cohen and David Paymer star in THE PICKLE RECIPE, a comedy for all generations directed by Michael Manasseri from a story by Sheldon Cohn with screenplay by Cohn and Gary Wolfson. Sheldon Cohn, Paul Finkel, Michael Manasseri, Jason Potash and Gary Wolfson produce.

Rose (LYNN COHEN) and her hole-in-the-wall deli seem like they’ve been around forever. She keeps her world famous pickle recipe under lock and key, her kitchen guarded like Fort Knox by fiercely loyal employees. At 85 years old, the tough no-nonsense matriarch may very well take her secret to the grave.

Rose’s affable grandson Joey Miller (JON DORE) is working as a deejay in the Detroit wedding and Bar Mitzvah circuit when a freak accident literally blows up a wedding celebration. His lighting and sound equipment is decimated. Plus, he’s got his heart set on deejaying his daughter’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah. Not only is it going to take about $20,000 to get him up and rolling, but he also has to compete with his ex-wife’s new husband for the gig. With nobody else to turn to, a vulnerable Joey is drawn into the scheme of his nefarious uncle Morty (DAVID PAYMER), who’s coveted his estranged mother Rose’s priceless pickle recipe for years.

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