Mon, 6 February 6, 8pm (World Premiere)
Tues, 7 February 7, 8:10amAM
Wed, 8 February 8, 2:40pm

Australian comedy THAT’S NOT ME world premieres at the 2017 Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival. Created by the filmmaking team of Gregory Erdstein (director/co-writer) and Alice Foulcher (co-writer, star), THAT’S NOT ME marks their debut feature film, after a string of acclaimed comedy shorts. Also co-starring Isabel Lucas (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen).

Polly’s dreams of making it as an actor are shattered when her identical twin sister Amy lands a plum role in an HBO show and starts dating Jared Leto. Mistaken for her famous sister at every turn, Polly decides to use her sister’s celebrity for her own advantage – free clothes, free booze, casual sex… with disastrous consequences for them both.

Raw and refreshing in its humor, THAT’S NOT ME is a feel-good comedy about the difference between failure and disappointment. We can’t all be Oscar winners. Not everyone will make it. But is that such a bad thing?


Australia / 2016 / 85 minutes / Color

Directed by: Gregory Erdstein
Written by: Gregory Erdstein and Alice Foulcher
Cast: Alice Foulcher, Isabel Lucas, Richard Davies, Belinda Misevski, Rowan Davie, Andrew Gilbert, Catherine Hill, Lloyd Allison-Young, Janine Watson, Steve Mouzakis

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