The ICFF YOUTH Mission

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ICFF Youth is the annual film program of ICFF that promotes film as an art form using the platform of international cinema, while providing students (ages 8 to 18) with exposure to a variety of cultures and languages. The program includes feature films and animations. It provides educators with an alternate teaching strategy that respects a variety of learning styles.

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The mission of ICFF Youth is two-fold:

1. To use cinema as a tool to enrich students’ analytical and critical skills, while also learning about key elements of the art of filmmaking. The power of moving images will provide the students with exposure to a real-life experience within a multimedia and a multicultural context.

2. To give students the opportunity to develop their knowledge of international languages and culture while enjoying the best of contemporary international cinema.


• Cinema is a part of culture, and ICFF wants to bring the art of

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international cinema closer to new generations of Canadians who otherwise would have no opportunity to learn about international cinema.

Foreign culture and languages are gradually disappearing from school programs, and international cinema is still invisible.

• Youth represent the future of our Canadian culture; nurturing the new generations means ensuring the growth of French and foreign languages, and the strengthening of international cultures in Canada.

• Our students represent the next potential Oscar-winning directors and actors.

ICFF Youth needs support in order to expand its program and bring the art of international cinema to the new generations. It will give all Toronto and GTA students the opportunity to develop their knowledge of French, foreign languages, and culture while enjoying the best of contemporary Italian cinema.

ICFF Youth also intends to nurture and inspire tomorrow’s talents by giving them an opportunity to grow and learn.


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ICFF Youth 2019 takes place from April 8 to 13, for a total of six days of screenings.


• Eight to ten movies will be presented for the screenings in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Toronto. Films will be in their original languages- Italian, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Portuguese with subtitles in English. All films come with educational materials, which will be sent to all participating teachers after their booking.

• All suggested activities will help initiate discussions about the meaning and importance of each film.

• All movies are rated by the Ontario Film Review Board.

NEW to ICFF Youth Festival 2019 !


•Cinema Day will be offered to all schools that wish to participate during one of the festival days. On this day, the students (grades 7-8) will watch a film as well as participate in a series of workshops conducted by film industry experts. These workshops will include discussions related to directing, sound, filming, costume, and make-up. Students will be involved in hands-on experiences which will further expand their knowledge and appreciation for filmmaking.

ICFF Youth will collaborate and work with various institutions such as Ryerson University, Humber College, Sheridan College, and other institutions, whose experts will be presenting to students on Cinema Day.

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