Toronto Jewish Film Festival Program Online

One of the largest Jewish Film Festivals in the world will be taking place in Toronto from April 17 – 25, 2010.

In the “Chai” (18th) year of the festival they will be screening 93 films from 4 Continents and 18 different countries.

There will be 28 Canadian Premieres, 7 North American Premieres and a bevy of special presentations. Two very interesting sections are FilmMatters and the sidebar People of the Comic Book: The Creators of Superheroes, Graphic Novels & Toons.

The former is the festival’s educational outreach programme that offers free screenings of films that explore cultural and religious diversity and the latter speaks for itself. As the festival puts it “People of the Comic Book celebrates the pioneers and creators of this unique form of popular culture”.

To close the festival they are screening the Oscar–nominated, powerfully engrossing film Adjami.

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