Hot Docs Award Winner UNBRANDED on VOD September 25


EL SEGUNDO, CA – Gravitas Ventures has announced the acquisition of all U.S. rights to UNBRANDED, which made its world debut recently at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. The doc took home the Audience Award from Hot Docs as well as from the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival.

On September 25th, the film will debut in at least 25 theaters in collaboration with Tugg.

In this story of rugged independence, Unbranded reveals the true interdependence of man, animal and nature — their 3000-mile gauntlet through five states that is indescribable and unforgiving. Unbranded follows the story of Ben Masters, Thomas Glover, Jonny Fitzsimons and Ben Thamer as they travel through the deepest backcountry from Mexico through the American West up to Canada, with 16 Mustangs chosen and trained for this purpose. The ride took five and a half months through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, in famously challenging and beautiful country such as Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Glacier National Park.



Unbranded initially made waves with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign where they raised $171,000 from 1062 backers. In addition, the team set out to inspire adoptions of the 50,000 wild horses living in holding pens in the American West and to bring attention to the fragile ecosystem and this vast stretch of uninterrupted land.

“Our film set out to let audiences experience this thrilling adventure so they would feel as passionately about the environmental issues as we do. Given the enthusiastic response from festival audiences, I think we’ve accomplished that goal,” said Producer Dennis Aig.

Ben Masters, one of the riders in the film, stated “It’s incredible that there is still a stretch of wild public land in the American West that you can ride a horse through from Mexico to Canada. I knew the trip would be awesome, but I didn’t know the documentary would turn out this great and be so well received across many demographics. It’s really exciting watching Unbranded grow from our small and loyal fan base into the global community.”

“We are thrilled to be working with the very innovative Gravitas Ventures team!” said Cindy Meehl, Executive Producer. “Their excitement over this film is exactly what we were looking for to help us deliver it to the U.S market. We have a fanatic and devoted fan base that has followed the 3000 mile ride through the press and can’t wait to see it on film! The Unbranded team looks forward to our partnership with Gravitas Ventures as we watch this film and its beautiful message grow.”

Unbranded is breathtaking in both scope of what’s been accomplished by these four young men and in how incredible the settings are throughout. We know audiences of varied backgrounds – from families to animal lovers to just documentary and film fans – are going to enjoy this remarkable adventure,” said Nolan Gallagher, Founder and CEO of Gravitas Ventures.

Unbranded was directed by Phil Baribeau (“Mountain Men”), who also served as a co-cinematographer with Korey Kaczmarek (“American River Renegades”). Dennis Aig (“Guide Season”) produced. Cindy Meehl (“BUCK”) is the executive producer.

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