Watch Elan Mastai Talk w/ the Students of the Georgian College Film Summit (GCFS)

  1. Elan Mastai On The Start of His Career
  2. Elan Mastai On Going To Sundance & The Development Of His Career
  3. Elan Mastai On Script Title THE F WORD
  4. Elan Mastai Gives Examples Of Good Film Titles
  5. Elan Mastai On Developing His Voice As A Writer
  6. Elan Mastai On The Realities Of Working In Hollywood
  7. Elan Mastai Talks About Filmmakers Richard Linklater & Oliver Assayas
  8. Elan Mastai’s Joke About The Difference Between Canadian & LA Screenwriters

Screenwriter and filmmaker Elan Mastai joined industry professionals such as Alex Shuper, Jay Baruchel, Gail Harvey, Geoff Pevere, Michael Dowse, Phillip Daniels, Piers Handling, Shael Stolberg, Wyeth Clarkson and Wayne Clarkson at the Georgian College Film Summit that took place on the two consecutive weekends of Oct 17-18 & Oct 24-25, 2015.

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